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Wearable Technology And the Business Traveller

The analogy between Sportsmen and Consistent Fliers is a solid someone to make, but a valid one considering how gruelling global business travel can be. Sports athletes take time to educate for fitness and competition. Frequent fliers, especially road warriors should remember to train for fitness and the journey. The serious sportsman is well alert to the worthiness of (more…)

Through the inception of internet 2 ages back, no one would have thought the amount of affect it has on our collective lives. While it holds true that the view of 1 single individual will not really matter, as it pertains to the virtual world, an individual view can catch on like wildfire to spread throughout the world in (more…)

How Digital Marketing Came Into Existence

Marketing has been an essential requirement from the changing times undiscovered, the resource and demand of the things made the exchange of resources as essential. Following the invention of computers soon, the notable changes like holding huge data could be observed as the recollection capacity was increased. Then the notion of connecting with the entire world digitally was (more…)